Sunday, March 24, 2013


Waiting hours upon hours
Watching the days slowly go by
Searching for the sun that might not shine
Praying to God who might not answer me
Or just simply doesn't have the time.
Maybe I'm too far gone
Maybe I've wandered away to a place unknown.
I've realized that i've been searching for a specific thing for so long
That I've managed to lose myself in the process
Piece by piece I began to fade
A shamed to ask for help
Too weak to get on my knees and pray.
Afraid that mine will go unanswered
All I can do is hope that someone can squeeze me in to theirs.
Only able to imagine better days
As I sit alone with my tears and fears.
Wondering why my pleads never seem to reach God's ears.
Sulking in my weak flesh,
Not realizing my spirit stands strong.
When my soul sings a blue song
I know who to call on
But will my cry be silenced by my many sins,
Because i seem to fall short time and time again.
I hope He will look past every one of them.
After all,
He is a forgiving God.
And I believe it.
Take away the clouds of pain, grief, and abuse
So me and the golden rays of sunlight can be re-inteoduced.

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