Monday, April 1, 2013

Honey Bee

He whispers things in my ear
That no man had ever said
He wrapped me in a sheet lined with passion
His touch made me second guess myself
My mind believes a love like this can't be real
But now my soul is falling into a deep ecstasy
Trying to avoid love drastically
Because in the past,
Love has cost me my pieces of my soul.
Caused me to lose myself.
After gaining the strength required to snatch my soul away from satan
In the most of my trials, fear, and bitterness
Stands a man.
A man who holds me when I need him to
As if he truly love me.
But how do I know this isn't the devil in disguise?
How could I be sure that that pecan brown skin and bright smile isn't a fascade?
Those same green eyes that look so good to me
Could possibly be the ones that will hold my soul in captivity.
How do I know that you are these you claim to be?
Even though my heads spins when I smell your scent
And my knees buckle when you hold my waist
I fell in love accidentally
Running away from the possibility of pain
I never got the memo
Somebody should have told me
That there was a such thing
As a love as sweet as honey.

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