Saturday, May 11, 2013


We sometimes come across friends with different intentions.
A different motive.
It would be conducive to our hearts if we were able to place a friend up to the light,
Like money,
And see clearly which ones were fake and which ones were real.
You have to watch out for certain "friends" 
You know, the ones that cry in your name...
But their tears take no form.
The ones that smile in your face,
But place daggers in your back.
Those same friends that you pledge your loyalty to,
Will be the same friends to laugh hysterically at your pain. 
Where are the people who honestly know what friendship is all about?
The people who will jump in front of a bullet for you.
Who would take time out of their day
Just to come see about you
Back in the day,
Loyalty, respect, and honesty was everything.
Now, you rarely see any of the three.
Everyone is so wrapped up in their own drama, sorrows, and insecurities. 
Evil wears the face of the innocent.
Luring you into a world of false friendship. 
The same people that watched you build yourself up.
All of the blood, sweat, and tears
Will be the same people who will single-handedly try to tear you down. 
Aiming to leave you wilted and deserted. 
In a world like this... 
Its not easy to find a good person with an ear to listen,
A mouth to advise,
Or a heart to truly care. 
Subtracting the frauds from the liars
The thieves from the crazies.
Finding a person who honestly has your best interest at heart is getting harder and harder by the day. 
If only people were like money. 
So we could hold them up to the light,
To see who was real and who was fake. 

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