Saturday, October 12, 2013

Me and You.


Our relationship is gone.
Killed in a burning pit full of he said she said, insecurities, indirect words and emotions bottled inside.

 We were both nearly the death of one another.
With each argument we damn near killed each other 
with our razor sharp tongues and not a care to give. 
Our hearts turned cold and our souls painted black. 

 We loved each other.
More than we both could ever know. 
But the relationship was like poison.
It had us crippled over.
Crying with no one reason.
Emotional and chaotic.
But Because of the toughness of our skin we both refused to let it show.

One minute it was you and me.
The next it was you against me.
Sword and shield in hand we fought until one of us fell to the ground. 
Sooner after,
 one of us grabbed the other and held on tight. 
As if the wound wasn't still there.
Brushing over conversations that should have been thoroughly discussed. 
The same as placing a band-aid on a gun shot wound. 
No trust. 
No understanding.
No communication.
We both knew that "we" wouldn't last,
But forced ourselves to keep trying regardless.
In hopes of a miracle.
The return of the bond we had the week before last.

Abused  feelings.
Restless minds.
Fast paced heart beats.
Short tempers.
The emphasized sensitivity of a battered heart. 
These are the things that took one word, "us", and divided into two.
Me and you.

The way we distanced ourself at first put a strain on the emotional attachment we had to one another.
But as the days go by....
The more  it feels right to have said Goodbye.
The poison we fed each other... 
The stress we caused one another disappeared.
Joy returned. 
Only this time you and I  weren't present in the lives of the other. 
We tried to hang in there and be tough.
But the word "us" was just way too rough.

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