Thursday, March 6, 2014


My savior.
My father.
My friend.
I come to you on bended knee.
Not to ask you for anything in particular, but to express my gratitude unto your holy ears.

Thank you for wiping me clean of all my pain,
 My heartache and headache all the same.

Thank you  for seeing me as I will be instead of how I am.
Thank you for putting the song back in my heart.
Thank you for putting the dance back in my stride.

Thank you for being  the blanket when i was tired and worn.
The shoulder to lean my cheek against while I cried.

From listening to Tramine Hawkins every morning while my grandmother made biscuits in the break of dawn as a child, i knew you were that one friend who would never forsake me.

My sins run deep and thick.
Even the sharpest knife couldn't cut through them.
Out of all the times i called on your name and bared my soul, you never left my side and I thank you.

You walked out in front of me on my grieving journey, protecting me all along.

Thank you for being my beautiful release leaving me free and weightless.

They say grief may come at night, but joy will come in the morning.
Thank you for being my ray of sunshine.

Dear Lord, i come to you right now,
Not asking you for anything in particular,
But I call on your name today to simply say thank you.

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