Saturday, January 19, 2013

Druken Serenity

This is dedicated to my cousin who recently passed away. ❤

One shot.
Two shots.
Three shots.
Now my saddness has disappeared.
My soul is now numb to the pain that once lingered.
The minute the room starts to spin,
I close my eyes and enjoy the feeling of peace.
It may be temporary,
But i must have at least this hour of relief.
Although the blanket of sorrow will once again wrap around my body soon,
This temporary happiness is ,unfourtunatley, the only color in my gray skies,
I look for the answers to my problems at the bottom of the bottle.
I'm drinking my life away.
But maybe thats what i want.....
One shot.
Two shots.
Three shots.
A small part of me hopes i don't wake up in the morning.
But if misfortune happenes to rear its head again,
And i do, in fact, see the light of day,
I'll grab my best friend Skyy and be dead to the world.
Maybe even her sister Smirnoff can help me solve my problems.
And sort out the remainings of my life.
One shot.
Two shots.
Three shots.
My flesh may be happy,
But my soul is drowning in troubled waters.
But even though this "happiness" I discovered will be over soon,
This hour of total serenity is yearned by my flesh.
Pain no longer lingers in my soul,
Only because the room is spinning.
I better enjoy this ride.
Because in an hour or so,
Pain will return
and chaos will invade my world once again.

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