Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dear Yaya

Dear Yaya,

You are beautiful.
But you have got to stop selling yourself short.
Stop doubting yourself!
Dont allow fear to invade your spirit.
Learn to love yourself.
If you dont love yourself, how can you love somebody else? 
You have more strength than you think. 
You were born into a long history FILLED with strong women.
Be powerful. 
Dont prepare to hear the word "no",
But expect to hear the world "yes".
The only way to achive your dreams,
 Is by breaking out of your shell.
Dont let your mind be the obstacle keeping you away from your goals.
You dont want to be the woman that says "Hey, when I was 16, i wanted to do ALOT of things. But i was scared." 
No! You want to be the woman who says "Hey, I had goals when i was 16. And look at me now! I've achived them."
Look at the women you look up to! 
Syleena, she never gave up! 
She didnt say, "Well i got a 'no' so i guess i'll just sit here." 
She picked herself up and tried again! 
Now look at her!
She didn't say "Well this is hard. So.. I guess i'll just stop while i'm ahead." 
She kept going!
And look at her now!
DR. Syleecia Thompson!!
LEARN from your role models.
You can do this. 
Believe in yourself Yaya.
You are worth it. 

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