Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Girl

Little girl.
Poor, poor little girl.
You have been fooled.
Fooled into thinking that laying on your back
Makes you a woman.
Your ignorant mind has become toxic.
Ruining your life before it even gets started.
Allowing men to take advantage of you
Claiming the streets as your home.
Your mother has been looking for you.
She misses her sweet baby girl.
She spends all her time on her knees
Praying that God guides you back to her loving arms.
Not only are you hurting her,
But your hurtin yourself  even more.
Digging yourself deeper and deeper in a hole.
A hole filled with regret.
False promises.
And temporary happiness.
Hopefully one day your mind will be steong enough
To rescue the little girl trappd inside of you.
If you wait too long,
That little girl
That poor, poor little girl
Could be replaced by a scared woman.

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