Friday, December 28, 2012

Where Strength Lies

Where do you find strength? Is it trapped in a corner? Is it tied up in a box? Why can't i find it? When my battles seek victory against my soul, How do I muster up the strength to carry on? When I feel that my words no longer have meaning, When my voice goes unheard, Where can I find strength? Is it small? Do I need a magnifine glass? Has it been swallowed up by the atmosphere? When my left foot yerns to move foward, But my right foot wont budge, What do I do? When my world crashes and burns, When it falls in ruins before my very eyes, Who do I call on? When my feet wont let go of the spot they're in, How do I release the grip? Maybe I should fall to my knees. Yeah. That's it. Fall to my knees and crawl to my Father's throne. There are times when I have so much that needs to be said But can't find the right words to say it. But I dont panick. For He knows everthing I desire before the words leave my mouth. The same moment I call upon my Father's name Is the same moment I finally find strength.

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