Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dancing in the Rain

I saw you through my window today, Dancing in the rain. Im not goning to lie. I thought you were crazy. Had lost all traces of your mind. But now i know why you were dancing in the rain. You danced because the music within your soul guided your feet. To the sound of the cold rain hitting the warm street. Like those raindrops, You finally discovered freedom. So tomorow, If i see you again, Dancing in the rain, If yet again Freedom invades your spirit, I'll go outside in the rain. With a humbled heart And not a single thought in mind, With our hands moving gracefully. With our joy-filled hearts bonding together as one Together Listening to the sound of a portion of heaven meeting earth, We will even give a portion of freedom to our feet. And let them move toto the smooth rythm of natures beat.

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