Saturday, December 1, 2012


How do you live with yoursel knowing that you have hurt me on a level so painful? How do you muster up the courage to make love to my mother and then come and force yourself on top of me? When you enter my room, her smell lingers on your body. Holding me down, you take what you want. You take something I wanted to give to someone special. But I refuse to cry. Somehow, feel that if I cry, I give you total control over me. And I'll be dammed if I give you another victory. But tell me this, how can you sleep at night, knowing you have taken pieces of my soul. Painted a cloud over my spirit. How can you kiss my mother knowing you've taken her daughters innocence? I stay silent because a broken heart will be the death of my mother. I know that no pain lasts forever. God knows my heart. One day, this hell I know as life will soon sparkle. Until then, my heart will be scared. It will be cold. It will be battered. But it will never, ever be broken.

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