Sunday, December 30, 2012

Invisible to Society

Ever stop to think about this world we live in?
Well let me tell you about some people.
Some young people.
Some young people who have been looked over by society.
Now, Keisha never really had much.
But once she found out how to get "quick money"
And once Fendi, Louis, Gucci, Prada, Dolche & Gabbana started coming in,
She didn't have a care in the world.
Her body was a magic wand.
She used that and then some to keep money in her wallets.
Making her feel important.
Sellin her body to the man with the highest bid
Unknowingly, Keisha wa overlooked by society.
Trey was expected to fail at life before he even made it in this world.
Father doing 25 to life
Mother addicted to the high's of the rocks
He struggled to break free
From the curse in his family
Selling the same enemy
That held his mother in captivity.
Trey believes throwing a hundred dollar bill or two at his grandmother labels him a man.
Claiming to love her but hurtin her soul.
Believeing he would never be like his father
But yet doing exactly as he did.
Unknowingly, Trey is overlooked by society.
Not understanding how her mother could be so blind
And not even hear
Even though the words remain unspoken.
The man who claimed to love her mother
Has taken away her innocence.
She often has nightmares about the encounter with her mothers husband
Wakin up screaming
With a feeling of fear.
Not only had he taken away her innocence,
But her peace of mind as well.
Growing bigger and bigger by the day,
With the seed of that man growing inside of her
She can no longer stand the sight of her own flesh.
Having her spirit taken away by Satan himself
Unknowingly, Tasha is overlooked by society.
One day someone will speak up.
And be the voice of these people.
But that person must be powerful enough
To be heard
Be heard by everyone.
Including society.

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