Friday, December 28, 2012

Do you still hear me?

I know i don't talk to you like im suppose to.
I know i don't follow the Bible like i should. 
I do alot of wrong
But i also do alot of right.
I get angry.
I am disobident.
And i know i can be very selfish.
You said that You are a forgiving God. 
And i believe you. 
But my mind still wonders
If i call Your name will you answer?
If i pray will You listen?
I know im not perfect,
And i dont strive to be.
But i just wanna know one thing.
Even through my darkest hours
And My deepest regrets
Do You still hear me? 
When the world is in turmoils
Growing louder and louder by the day
With families being ripped apart 
And children raising their hand to their parents
Do you still hear me?
Being King of all kings i know your busy.
Looking over the world must be hard to do.
So i try not to ask for much when i do speak to you.
I try to keep it plain and simple.
Mama said sealing your prayers with an "amen" gets it closer to Your ear.
So if i say a hundred and one amen's
Will it actually get so close to you that i will actually be aware?
Would you send me a sign saying you heard me?
Is it too mich to ask for You to tell me in my dreams?
Because you have the world revolving in Your hands
And the world moves to the meaning of Your words,
Do you still hear me?
Yes me.
Little ol,
Itty bitty me. 

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