Saturday, January 12, 2013


This poem is dedicated to my brothers girlfriend.

You let this man take control of your mind
And hold your soul in the palm of his hands.
But yet,
Your still a woman...
How can this be so?
This man has your entire life at his fingertips
Your dancing to the beat of his drum.
But yet,
Your still a woman....
How can this be so?
When he says speak
Your mouth opens
When he says be quiet,
Your silent.
When he says stop,
You don't hesitate.
But yet,
Your still a woman.....
How can this be so?
Tell me how you can still claim your a woman
When your entire world is being controlled by a man?
You believe that what is between your thighs makes you a woman.
You are inncorrect.
That labels you a female...
You haven't mastered the art of being a woman.
A real woman.
A real woman is independent.
And elegant.
She is filled with strength.
Refusing to be controlled,
But demanding to be respected.
A real woman knows that she was put on Earth to be more than a "company keeper" to a man.
But to be great at whatever her heart desires.
You are none of those things.
But you still claim the title "woman".
How can this be so?
Is your mind not brillant?
Do you not brighten up your own insecurities?
Can you not water the flower which blooms from within?
I think what it is...
You don't know your own value.
You settle for leas,
Not realizing you deserve more
You find comfort in the word "yes"
So standing on your own two feet and saying "no" feels funny to you.
My grandmother always told ne,
"Stand for something or fall for anything."
I guess you've been "falling" for so long,
You simply don't know what it means to "stand".
Are you willing to learn how?
And finally becoming the woman you were meant to be?
Or are you going to continue being your man's "yes woman"?
The choice is yours.
Just remember,
It's a big diffrence between a woman and a female.

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