Friday, January 11, 2013

P.S I Love You

Everytime I open my mouth,
My heart drops into my stomach.
The words dance around my mind
And run freely in my heart.
But for some reason,
The words won't make it to my mouth.
I try my hardest to tell you how I really feel.
Let you know that you mean something to me.
And just when I think that today will be diffrent
And I'll finally find courage,
My palms get sweaty.
My heart beats so loud,
I sometimes wonder if you hear it.
My legs start feeling out of my control.
They shake like jelly.
You literally knock me off of my feet.
A million goose bumps find a home on the surface of my skin.
My cheeks turn bright red.
You take my breath away without saying a single word.
Ibdon't know what it is about you that imprisons my words.
But it's like my brain doesn't communicate well with my mouth.
Or maybe my mouth is disobedient.
I know that I love you.
But it gets us nowhere if I can't say it to you.
I want to be able to tell you that you are the golden rays of my sun.
The sparkle in my clear ocean waters.
The beat of my heart.
Our souls match perfectly.
That's probably what scares me.
I never knew feelings like this exsisted.
And yes, I do.
I cherish every moment I share with you.
Instead of verbally telling you how I feel,
I'll write a letter and seal it with a kiss.
And because you love it when I wear it,
I'll take my red lip-stick and at the bottom I'll write
"P.S, I Love You ❤"

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