Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nigga's These Days

It's sad that I have to call you a "nigga" to get your attention.
I can't reffer to you by your given name.
I got to call you "nigga"
Nigga's these days got their priorities all messed up.
Their minds aren't where they need to be.
Nigga's these days take the easy way out.
Selling dope and pimpin' hoes.
Applying themselves to something they should avoid.
Nigga's these days think that the world revolves around "swagg"
Last time I checked,
"Swagg" didn't pay bills.
Nigga's these days think getting girls pregnant makes them a man.
Ignorance is bliss.
Haveing a child makes you a father.
But, careing for that child makes you a man.
Nigga's these days limit themselves by using profanity and threats of violence instead of meaningful words.
Nigga's these days feel more protected by the cold metal of a gun,
Than the protection of God.
Nigga's these days will stand in line for the latest Jordans,
But wont stand in line at Wal-Mart to buy his child some diapers.
Nigga's these days believe a girl should be flatter when they call her out of her name.
Nigga's these days don't want to be known by the brillance of their minds but by the thickness of the bankroll.
Nigga's these days cover their bodies with tattoo's and wear their pants below their butt's.
And yet, they wonder why they can't get a job.
Blaming it on the goverment.
Nigga's these days claim to love their hood....
So why not do something to HELP your hood?
Stop selling dope to the son's of mothers
Stop pimpin' daddy's little girls.
Bring the children up right and be an example.
At least show them that there are other lifestyles other than the one you live.
There is alot of potential in nigga's these days,
But potential only takes you so far.
Rosa Parks didn't sit on the bus so nigga's these days could disrespect the elderly.
Harriet Tubman didn't risk her life finding freedom, for nigga's these days to be held captive by the streets.
Martin Luther King Jr. didn't march and lose his life, for nigga's these days to be reffered to as "niggas".
But if I call you by the name you were given,
You won't hear me.
And it's sad that I have to call you "nigga"
To get your attention.

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