Saturday, February 23, 2013


Why do you this?
Why do you trap me...
Why do you IMPRISON me
Behind the steel bars of lies and fraud?
You knew.

You kissed me
Because you knew that my soul would fall victim to the burning passion of your lips.
Even if i tried
I couldn't resist
And you knew.

Wrapping your arms around my waist
Making the room spin
The scar on my heart your trying to erase.
That ugly scar that only you could create
You knew.

Whispering "I love you" in my ear
When you knew it wasn't true.
Killing me softly in a room full of people.
But nobody noticed except me and you.
You knew. 

All this time I spent trying to forget you. 
But your name was carved in my memory.
All this time i spent attempting to hate you..
But my love for you lingered.
All of the time i spent away from you,
I thought i was strong enough to finally face you.
But i wasn't.
And you knew.

You wanted to imprison me in your world.
To lock me behind the steel bars of lies and fraud. 

All it takes is a touch, three words, and a single kiss to lure me in.
And you knew. ❤

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