Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Houston Streets

These streets are hard and cold
Littered with bullet shells
Which filled a body full of holes
Stained with the blood of someone who may forever be unknown.

On the corner stands Missy.
Business has been slow lately
So she's hiding from a man she calls "daddy"
But secretly running from the emotion of the Missy that once was.

On the corner across from her stands Dre
Selling dope to his brothers friend Chris
Who only wants to escape the presence
In hopes for a better future.
Mother always drunk and pissed
Blaming him for his father's absence.

Dogs barking
Kids yelling
Mrs. Jones screaming
Because Mr. Jones is going upside of her head.... Again.
For something she probably didn't do.
As always.

Baby crying.
Tasha cries along with her.
She can't raise a baby alone.
She's just a baby herself.
Ricky doesn't care about her or his child.
He only cares about his mama and himself.

Sister Patterson going around Houston spreading God's word.
As if everybody did't know that her and Deacon Jackson have been sleeping together for six months now.
Well... Everybody except Mrs. Jackson that is.

Ms. Katherine is working three jobs to raise her grandchildren
Because her selfish ass daughter disappeared to Miami
In hopes of becoming  a Basketball Wife.
To get rich like Shaunie, Evelyn, and Tami.

The streets of Houston is a cold, dangerous place
Because a bullet has no name
And a knife doesn't recognize race.
The scars of pain are permanent.
They cannot be erased.

Some people will never know even a portion of what I'm talking about.
Because every hood is separate from the rest of the world.
So how could they?
They're only on the outside looking in.

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