Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mulatto Girl

My name is Yaya
and I am Mulatto
Because my mother was trapped in a world of pain.
Becoming Master ____'s bed wench
Birthing his children again and again.
I watch  her work in the fields
Only because of the difference of our skin.
Picking bundles upon bundles of cotton, tobacco and sugar cane.

My name is Yaya
And I am Mulatto.
The other children don't like me
Because their Mamie's told them I was Master _____'s daughter.
And everyday
They remind me that no matter how long and wavy my hair is
No matter how green my eyes are.
And no matter how yellow my skin may be,
I am still nigga.

But I know who I am.
I know what I am.
I know what the entirety of me consists of.
My daddy is white.
And my mama is a nigga.
Both of her parent's were niggas
Coming from a long line of niggas
Starting from the warriors of the Mandingo tribe of Africa.

But I....
I am not like any of them.
I am not white.
Nor am I nigga.
My name is Yaya.
And I am Mulatto.

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