Friday, February 8, 2013

The Voice of a Mistress

I could never be as naïve as you.
You take the award for the worlds biggest fool.
Ever notice that "your man" is never home?
That's because he's lying  in my bed calling ME boo.

You may have his son,
But I have his daughter and his heart.
Looks to me like the other woman is actually you.

You aren't ready for the truth.
Trying to drown me in my flaws.
But quiet as it's keep,
The man you call yours cherishes my flaws and all.
An if i let you know that simple fact,
Under a rock you will crawl.

Going around town bragging on how lucky he is to have a woman like you,
Him and I are in the shower finishing up round two.

And yet,
You have the audacity to come at me....
I don't owe you anything.
He's the one who promised you a wedding ring.
Not I.
So don't come for me talking all fly.
Be honest with yourself.
You knew I owned the twinkle in his eye.

You are so stupid.
And so foolish
That you try to shade my name.
When every night,
After I'm through,
I'm nice enough to send "your boo"
Back home to you.

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