Saturday, November 10, 2012

Crown Her Queen

Most girls spend a lifetime searching for an inspiration
A strong, beautiful woman to look up to
But i was greatly blessed.
God cared for me so much that he sent me an inspiration like you.

You probably will never understand the love i have for you
Words aren't strong enough to explain.
You inspire me to not only chase after my dreams
But to catch them.
You inspire me to never give up on myself
Even when the world around me is tumbling down.

You are an extremly important part of my life
In my heart you have engraved your name
Your the true definition of a queen.
Powerful, yet graceful
Strong, yet loving.

I thank God for you everyday
Your not perfect,
And you dont pretend to be.
Like a flawed diamond
Your still a treasure to me.

Although i've never met you,
I feel as though i have known you forever.
Although we're not related,
I feel as though we are family.

Whenever my time comes to meet you,
I will be so happy to be in your presence.
Finally meeting my inspiration.
My one and only queen.

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