Thursday, November 29, 2012

Dear 30 Year Old Yaya

I wonder if we act the same.Do you still like the same kind of music? Did you ever meet Syleena? If so, did you scream her name like I knew you would do? Did she blow you a kiss like I dreamer? When you met her backstage, did you cry? I know you did. I bet you did the "ugly" cry. Did she smell good? I bet she smelled like peaches. Is she still "junkin"? You know that's her word. Did you ever graduate from Spellman? Did you move to Atlanta? Did you marry the man of your dreams? Or did you sell your soul to Satan? Did you ever have your 5 kids? You know, Aubrey, Maleena, Jordan, Ayden, and Harmony? Or did you have your twins Whitney & Brittney? Do you live in a big house like we imagined? Do you have a black chihuahua named Chachi like we planned? Is "Slowly" & "I Cut My Hair" still your favorite songs? I have so many things I want to ask you. Its like I don't know you, even though we're the same person. I guess I'll see in 15 years.

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