Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Color Black

I accentuate my blackness to the fullest I take pride in my culture greatly To all the black hero's who came before me, To you I give a special thanks. Although my skin may be colored I'll be dammed if I let it define me. I'm more than just a skin color I'm more than what you label me. If you got to know me, You'd see that I'm not only black, But I'm all the colors of the rainbow. Maybe only the insane can see the diffrent colors bubbling inside me. Or maybe the sane avoids this fact. Either way I wont be defined by the color of my skin but by the brilliance of my mind And the tenderness of my heart The strength in my voice. I have many colors swirling around inside of me. But I do however, take special pride in the color black.

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