Friday, November 9, 2012

Her: Wrapped Up In Love

The way butterflies fill my stomach when your lips touch my skin.
The way the blood rushes through my veins when your strong hands caress my body.
The way chills run down my spine when you whisper softly in my ear.
I don't think you know the affects you have on me.
Don't you ever notice how I melt in your arms?
When I'm with you I dread the thought of parting.
When I'm away from you,
I can't wait until your return.
My mouth waters like hell at the mention of your name.
My body burns with desire at the sight of you.
It's a wonder you never seem to notice how i stutter when I'm around you.
Or how my hands shake uncontrolably.
I wonder if its a name for wht I'm feeling.
This feeling of love.

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