Thursday, November 29, 2012

Tales From The Hood

The hood is filled with stories. Stories of faliure. Stories of tragedy. Stories of defeat. Stories of regret. Within these stories, you'll realize that people didn't exactly choose to be here. But the reality is, when life knocks you down,getting back up is hard to do. The people here once had dreams too. But somewhere along their journey, an obstacle was too great to get over. That one obstacle landed them here. In the hood. There is still love within the hood.But pain is still embedded in the faces of the elderly. However, hope still bursts throughout the bodies of the children. The people here still wonder what life is like outside of the box. They can't help but wonder what their lives would be like in any other world but their own. They know struggle. They understand it. They live it. They know how hard it is to keep your head up when it seems as though the world has fallen upon it. You can go all over the world and hear stories. Stories about everything. From heartbreak to death.but there is NOTHING like the raw and real tales you get from the hood.

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