Thursday, November 8, 2012


You laugh behind my back,
You talk trash to my face,
But by your rudeness,
I am not phased.

For my body is a temple
Of which I cherish deeply.
From the curve of my breast,
To the curve of my hips.
I even take pride in the plumpness of my lips.

My confidence is everlasting.
Maybe that's what drives you insane.
The fact that your words no longer affect me.
For my cockiness reigns.

When i look into your eyes I see sorrow.
It's very obvious.
The confidence I've finally conquered,
Is one you've longed for but have yet to find.

So even when you laugh behind my back
Or talk trash to my face,
I don't feel threatened or broken.
For by your rudness,
I am not phased.

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