Friday, November 9, 2012

The Other Woman

Now i see.
There's someone else tying to imitate me.
Satan herself has your mind in captivity
laced with false promises, compliments, and lust.
she lured you into her world and held you against your will.
Slowly molding you into the man she longed for.
That same man was slowly becoming a stranger to me.
The same man i trusted with my life has managed to somehow destroy it.
The love i once had for you has transformed into a deep hatred.
I laugh at the thought of you having sex with her.
You believe your making love.
To her, it's like a buisnesss deal.
You got to give a little something to get a little something.
Don't you know that no woman can ever love you the way i did?
Your like putty in her hands.
She's playing with your heart.
She uses her body like a magic wand.
Making sure granted wishes come her way.
She seduces you with her words.
I don't understand how you are so blind
how you cannot see
something that is so crystal clear to me.
I'm forced to watch the man i onced loved fall to his death.
Murdered by the other woman.

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