Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Remember our first date? When we thought the night revolved around us. You were an extreme gentleman. Never once did you get out of line or presesure me You were actually genuine. Your were everything my mother told me didn't exsist. Still to this day I cant understand why I immediately trusted you. Maybe it was because of how attentive and understanding you were when I talked. Yeah. That's probably what it was. I remember walking hand-in-hand around the city with no destination in mind. I felt like I was on top of the world. The first time you kissed me, passion bursting throughout my body. Sending feeling to places I didn't know exsisted. When you ran your hand down the sway of my back, I knew then you were the one. Remember the first time we spent the night together? It wasn't planned. But sometimes the best and most memorable events happen without thought. That must be true because we made love until the sun interrupted the night. Remember when you proposed to me? Again something I didn't plan. I don't even remember saying yes. All I remember wasfeeling the warm tears flow down my face staining my shirt. I got speechless as you placed your symbol of love upon my finger. Our wedding day was probably the best day of my life. God must have been watching us because the sun shone extra bright that day. As I came down the aisle, I saw you wipe away your tears. Did you see me whipe away mine? During our first dance you whispered: "you are so beautiful"in my ear. I knew our Love was bounded by the Love of God. When our daughter was born, I saw how joy filled your eyes. The way you hugged and kissed me over and over let me know how thankful you were. I was happy to know that I gave you the one present that no one else could. These events may just be memories now. But just think of the memories that are awaiting to be made.

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