Sunday, November 25, 2012


There are some people in this world that believe that superwoman isn't real. These people have fooled themselves. I've seen her before. Sprinkling love here, there, everywhere its needed. She has a silent kind of power. She doesn't need to be loud or ignorant to be heard. When she speaks, everyone listens. For her strength is evident through her voice. You can see the class and elegance throughout her just by the way she carries herself. People ask her to do things she doesn't want to do. But she does them anyway. She works her butt off 24/7. Determination takes over her mind. She's a go-getter. The definition of a boss. She probably doesn't know it, but she's a true inspiration and role model to young girls. Graceful and God fearing? That's what makes her diffrent. Even when she's tired and her day has been rough. When she's stressed out she still manages to place a smile upon her face. She balances being a mother and a wife with being a role model. I couldn't imagine how hard it is. See. I told you. Supereoman does exists. Who can balance being a buisness woman, a wife, a mother, and a role model? Nobody but superwoman. She doesn't wear a cape. Nor does she fly. But that doesn't make her unreal. I proved that superwoman roams the earth. Have I ever seen superwoman before? I sure have. I call her shero.

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