Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Morning Love

I want to make love to you. But not just any kind of love. I wanna send you to work happy. Let me send a silent message to all of your co-workers . Telling them that you belong to me. Let me leave my scent lingering on you. Let it act as ink. Writing my name all over your body. I wanna make the kind of love that leaves marks on the parts of your body that are for my eyes only. The kind that leaves a brilliant glow around me. I want it to be unforgettable. I want my lipstick to stain your skin. I want to still feel your wet kisses on me the rest of the day. I want to make the kind of love that brands you mine. When you come home, I want thou to pick me up and tell me how good I made you feel that morning. Whisper to me and tell me how much you want me over and over.Rub my back softly. I want to make love. But not just any kind of love. But the kind that captures your soul.

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